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Steven Hahn

스티븐한 사진


  • Seoul Univ. Collage of Pharmacy graduated. - San Diego Univ. Major Movie
  • Fox, Worked in Paramount
  • Foundation ‘Hanho Heung-up’ 1976


  • Walt Disney’s Buzz Light Year, Ninja turtle series, James boned
  • Junior series, Peter pan series, Funky brewster series
  • Dream of thanks giving, PJ sparkle special ,Computer Solders
  • Jakiya , I like kids, Miracle Jesus, chipmunk , Care bear series
  • Thunder cat series , My pet monster series
  • Ultra across series, Chuck norris series, Dennis series
  • Ghost busters series, Mister T series and more

Award winning

  • SICAF 2006, Grand Prize Animation Part
  • 대상 수상 사진